October 27-28, 2020

Recordings and Presentations Now Available

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October 27-28, 2020

Recordings and Presentations Now Available

October 27-28, 2020

Recordings and Presentations Now Available​

October 27-28, 2020

Payer Exchange Summit on Oncology Payment Reform

Online and Interactive

The Community Oncology Alliance’s (COA’s) Payer Exchange Summit on Oncology Payment Reform is a two-day gathering of cancer stakeholders who come together to share their experiences in efforts to advance oncology payment reform, increase value, and improve the patient experience in the United States’ cancer care system.

The Payer Exchange Summit presents an opportunity to share knowledge and have a frank discussion about what is – and is not – working to achieve overall higher-quality cancer care with lower costs.

Using COA’s cutting-edge and interactive virtual events platform, the 2020 Payer Exchange Summit will allow attendees from across the country to learn and network with other key stakeholders.

Who Attends?

The Payer Exchange Summit has become a unique annual gathering of cancer care providers, public and private payers, employers, employer health groups, and industry leaders exploring ways of collaborating to improve the quality and cost-efficiency of cancer care.

Attendance is by invitation only and all attendees are, or have been, involved in payment and delivery reform projects and together represent nearly every major oncology-focused project in the country.

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A Timely & Packed Agenda

The 2020 Payer Exchange Summit will examine different proven employer and provider designed programs and discuss how they can best promote successful models at the local level that provide value-based, continually improving quality cancer care.

Attendees will hear from national experts with updates on issues such as value-based contracting, innovative payment models, new strategies to increase quality and value, and novel interventions to support employees with cancer.

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A Focus on Employers

This year’s Payer Exchange Summit continues to focus on the important role of employers and employer health groups in driving meaningful cancer system change and cost reduction.

Many CEOs, human resources (HR) leaders, and business owners have been led to believe that controlling health care costs requires tradeoffs in quality and access that lead to worse experiences for their employees. This is not true. Projects across the country have demonstrated that it is possible to provide high-quality cancer care and positive patient experiences, with controlled and lower spending.

COA represents more than 5,000 independent, community-based oncology practices that treat more than half of all cancer patients in the United States. Employers of all shapes and sizes are working with community oncology practices to improve the quality, experience, and cost of cancer care. At the Payer Exchange Summit attendees learn about these initiatives and how they can get involved.

New for 2020: Reform Showcase

New for the 2020 Payer Exchange Summit will be the Oncology Reform Showcase, a virtual space where those working to transform cancer care can share what they are doing with a wider audience.

Did you know that there are at least 22 active oncology payment reform models or pilots taking place right now in the U.S.? Additionally, employer coalitions and health groups in every state and major city are active in this space through workgroups, publishing reports and studies, and so much more.

The Oncology Reform Showcase will provide ongoing models, organizations, and initiatives that are active in cancer care reform and transformation with an opportunity to showcase their work and make new connections. Additionally, it will provide attendees with an opportunity to get a holistic look at the reform projects and opportunities underway.